General Manager Attends China Port Security Technology Seminar

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On March 16-19, 2023, the China Port Safety Technology Seminar and the 12th China Port Loading and Unloading Machinery High tech Seminar were grandly held in Zibo City, Shandong Province. The conference is hosted by the Port Machinery Branch of the China Society of Engineering Machinery, organized by Shandong Huacheng Zhongde Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. and the School of Transportation and Logistics Engineering of Wuhan University of Technology, and co organized by the Wuhan Port Machinery Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center and the "Port Loading and Unloading" magazine.

▲On site of the China Port Security Technology Seminar

On site of the China Port Safety Technology Seminar This conference is the first offline industry seminar held in the port industry after the epidemic. It gathered port production enterprises, port equipment manufacturing enterprises, research institutes, universities, and port machinery related accessory manufacturers from all over the country, with a total of more than 300 leaders and experts attending.

Let's join hands in this grand event to provide suggestions and suggestions for the safe development of China's port industry, and to assist in the high-quality development of China's port industry in the future. Weite Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this conference, and General Manager Gao Yumin delivered a keynote speech on "Key Technologies and Applications for Online Monitoring and Intelligent Operation and Maintenance of Port Machinery and Equipment".


▲Gao Yumin, General Manager of Weite Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech

This keynote speech mainly introduces the three major product layers of Weite and focuses on promoting the key technologies and application cases that Weite has achieved in the port industry, accelerating the understanding and understanding of Weite among attendees and the entire industry.

Three major product layers of Weite

1. Local sensing layer (weight sensor/orientation sensor/angle sensor/wind speed and direction sensor/encoder travel limiter/distance sensor/displacement sensor/anti roll switch...)

2. Data interaction calculation layer (lifting capacity limiter/torque limiter/load opening meter/wind speed and direction indicator/video monitoring electrical control system/underwater pin penetration monitoring/collision prevention monitoring/deviation correction monitoring/fuel consumption monitoring...)

3. Big data analysis layer (pre judgment system for lifting equipment operation and maintenance/precise weighing system for lifting equipment operation/analysis system for core components of lifting equipment/online steel wire rope detection system for cranes/intelligent crane...)

Key technologies and application cases

1. Dynamic precise weighing system: solves the traditional statistical efficiency problem, with an accuracy rate of 99.99% for the number of operations, an accuracy error of ≤ 2% for the weight of the entire ship, an accuracy of ≤ 1% for some ships, an improvement of 10% in loading and unloading efficiency, and a 30% improvement in logistics efficiency

2. Non destructive monitoring of steel wire rope: it is a fast non-destructive testing method that uses the metal magnetic memory effect to detect the stress concentration, cracks and scratches, and corrosion of metal material parts. Algorithm innovation, preprocessing to eliminate baseline drift and wavelet denoising, post-processing signal operation to achieve decision making for detection. The error of twist length and broken wire amount is less than 1 wire, and the accuracy of damage point positioning is more than 95%.

3. Driver fatigue and distraction state warning: can accurately identify door operator yawning, continuous dozing, continuous blinking or closing of eyes, answering and making phone calls, and lack of concentration. Self developed algorithm with an alarm accuracy rate of over 99%.

4. Fiber optic stress online monitoring: Utilizing fiber optic grating stress sensors to monitor the stress values of various crane metal structures, analyze key structures, and provide strong data support for metal safety assessment, intelligent operation and maintenance, and life assessment.

5. Online fault diagnosis multi-dimensional analysis system: The system adopts analysis methods such as spectrum, time spectrum, power spectrum, envelope spectrum, resonance demodulation, impulse pulse method, intensity spectrum, comprehensive spectrum, order spectrum, etc., organically combining various fault diagnosis technologies. Analyze no less than 40 features, and multiple algorithms have strong data analysis capabilities.

After the keynote speech, the attending guests came to inquire and had further in-depth communication.

In the future, Weite will continue to deeply cultivate the port industry, explore and lead the industry towards crane big data management, full life process monitoring, and intelligent lifting ecosystem development, and become a leader in the global lifting safety management field.

Attached are group photos of all attendees: