Micro special tower crane hook visualization system helps the project commencement

Time:2020-05-12 08:46 Read:9527 Source:Internet
In mid April 2020, a Beijing Construction Service Co., Ltd. ordered several sets of tower crane visualization systems from Weite, and the tower crane was located at a project site in Changsha.
The user originally intended to complete the installation and commissioning under the remote guidance of the micro special after-sales service engineer. After receiving the goods, the user completed the installation through the video tutorial and remote guidance of our company. However, the commissioning failed to achieve the ideal effect for several times. The tower crane is about to be constructed, and the user is very worried.
In this case, in order to meet the needs of current customers and enable users to fully master the installation and debugging skills of our products, the after-sales service engineers of Weite immediately asked the leaders to propose to go to the site to guide users to complete the debugging. The leaders of the company agreed and immediately arranged the after-sales service engineers to leave for the construction site.
▲ micro special after-sales service engineers are demonstrating the installation and commissioning methods
After the rain, the construction site was full of mud. Upon arrival at the site, the micro special after-sales service engineer immediately demonstrated the visual installation and commissioning method of the hook to the site personnel, and explained it while demonstrating to answer all the user's questions.
▲ camera and automatic charging system
▲ visual cab video display effect of hook
After one day's guidance, the hook visualization was successfully installed and debugged, and the final effect was satisfactory to the users. He repeatedly praised Weite for its fast service response and excellent technology during the epidemic period. It is really trustworthy. It is reassuring to use our products.
▲ after a busy day, the micro special engineer is full of muddy feet
We want to say that as long as you need it, Weite will be with you at any time!