Intelligent management system for micro and special hoisting equipment The steel plant solution was successfully implemented in Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

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(Panzhihua Steel Nongping Plant Area Panorama)

Transformation of the steel industry

Recently, two 100T metallurgical casting cranes of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. were put into operation successfully, marking the formal completion of Phase II project of metallurgical crane equipment intelligent management system of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Since 2018, Weite has independently researched and developed the intelligent management system of crane equipment. With the digital solution of the steel industry, it has helped the steel enterprises to improve their work efficiency, improve safety production, improve the working environment, and enter the digital and intelligent transformation of the steel industry together with the steel enterprises through data collection, analysis and management.

Intelligent management is a process of promoting industrialization by informatization and realizing enterprise intelligence. It is a process of integrating modern information technology with advanced management concepts, transforming enterprise production mode, operation mode, business process, traditional management mode and organization mode, re integrating internal and external resources of the enterprise, improving enterprise efficiency and efficiency, and enhancing enterprise competitiveness.

The intelligent management of equipment is an information-based intelligent management process that tracks the whole life cycle of equipment from delivery, online, use, maintenance and offline. Equipment management can provide effective and objective guiding data and suggestions to departments such as capacity quota, production scheduling, procurement, spot check and maintenance.

Intelligent management system of hoisting equipment

Weite WTCIMS-V2.0 intelligent management system for hoisting equipment is a solution developed by Weite for intelligent equipment management in steel plants. It is a comprehensive equipment management software and a shared working platform.

(Site working environment and equipment conditions of micro and special engineers)

(Photo of height sensor installation)

(Working interface of system host)

The system has designed five functional modules for crane operation, including basic equipment information, equipment operation management, daily status monitoring, material management and system management, to solve the closed-loop management of the whole life cycle of the crane, including real-time status monitoring, data archiving, spot inspection and maintenance, spare parts cycle, hidden danger trend prediction, etc.

The system scientifically analyzes the life of important components such as motors, wheels, reducers, wire ropes, etc. according to the two dimensions of crane service efficiency and online time combined with the spot inspection maintenance cycle, and gives reasonable suggestions on the purchase time, quantity, and maintenance cycle of spare parts to optimize management.

(Working interface of system host)

(Photos of micro special engineer's on-site commissioning)

At present, the project has passed the user acceptance and has been put into use. Due to the rich performance and experience in the design and assembly of the metallurgical casting crane system in the high-temperature environment, the safety production efficiency of the plant has been greatly improved, providing a strong guarantee for safety production. At the same time, the user said that he would continue to strengthen the cooperation with WeChat in the future. Weite will also, as always, strictly control the product quality and service, focus on users, and provide reliable products closer to customers' needs and perfect and timely technical services.