Weite assists the transformation of the control system of the main power house of Sanbanxi power plant

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1、 Case introduction

Sanbanxi Hydropower StationIt is located in Jinping County at the lower reaches of Qingshui River in the upper reaches of the main stream of Yuanshui River in Guizhou Province. The total installed capacity of the power station is10010000 kW, installation4platform2510000 kW Francis turbine generator unit, annual power generation24.28Million kwh, which is the national power transmission from west to EastThe tenth five year plan is a key project.

(the picture is the environmental photo of Sanbanxi Hydropower Station

2、 Project introduction

2021In the autumn of,Weite Technology Co., Ltd. undertook the transformation of 400t / 100t / 10t bridge crane control system of main power house of Sanbanxi power plant, and officially startedThe scope mainly includes the transformation of the whole vehicle control system and load test of two 400t / 100t / 10t bridge cranes. The control system transformation includes PLC control cabinet, main power control cabinet, main lifting control mechanism, crane control mechanism, trolley control mechanism, electric hoist control mechanism, linkage platform, lighting control box, control system components, cable replacement and commissioning.

3、 Construction scenario

3.1 Cabinet installation

Installation and wiring of 12 cabinets and 6 resistance cabinets of field equipment.

3.2 Installation of linkage platform and limiter

Installation of 2 linkage tables and 2 dxz stoppers on site.

3.3 Installation of safety monitoring system

Installation of safety monitoring system and external large screen display.

4、 Case introduction

With the efforts of our on-site engineers, we completed the commissioning and acceptance of the bridge crane as scheduled in the working environment of the time period in the task.