Development history

December 2020

Wtf-b500 anemometer designed and produced by Weite won the most authoritative and influential Design Award in China: Red Star Award.

November 2020

Weite was publicized by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China and was selected into the second batch of specialized, special and new & ldquo; Little giant & rdquo; Enterprise.

October 2020

The Hubei sensor IOT Industrial Technology Research Institute led by Weite was approved as a provincial class a new R & D institution.

September 2020

The national industrial design center constructed by Weite was completed and put into use.

May 2020

In the late period of COVID-19, the micro special after-sales service personnel completed the construction of the reliability improvement project of the Three Gorges ship lift, lock head and bridge crane with high standards, went all out to ensure the resumption of navigation, and contributed micro special strength to the overall acceptance of the Three Gorges Project.

November 2019

Weite was awarded as an industrial design enterprise by the Ministry of industry and information technology. Weite Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the third China Industrial Design Exhibition in 2019 and was officially awarded as an industrial design enterprise.

February 2019

After more than one year's dedicated efforts, the safety monitoring system of the gantry crane at the dam crest and the bridge crane at the powerhouse of the Three Gorges hydropower station that Weite won the bid has been upgraded and successfully accepted.

April 2018

“ Micro electronic & rdquo; Rename & ldquo; Micro special technology & rdquo; Step into the new process of internationalization in order to meet the development needs and future development strategies of Weite, the leadership of Weite unanimously decided to & ldquo; Yichang Weite Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. & rdquo; Change name to & ldquo; Weite Technology Co., Ltd;. On April 23, 2018, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce officially approved the change application.

May 2017

Response & ldquo; The Belt and Road & rdquo; Increase overseas business expansion and promote the globalization of micro and special services; The Belt and Road & rdquo; With the promotion of the project, the overseas engineering business of Weite services will be more and more. At the same time, Weite accelerates the company's development towards globalization, and has successively set up agents and service companies in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

May 2016

In 2016, Weite adjusted the company's strategy and subdivided the four business divisions into deep cultivation and meticulous work, namely: steel and shipbuilding business division; Traffic road and bridge business department; Hydropower and energy department; Offshore oil construction division. According to the incubation and entrepreneurship concept of the incubator, excellent and aspiring employees can succeed on this platform.

May 2015

The nation remains mobilized for brand new endeavors. That's awesome;. This 900 ton large gantry crane safety monitoring system is developed and manufactured by Weite.

January 2015

Weite electronics moved to a new house

June 2014

During the two national standard seminars held by Weite electronics, experts and chief technical engineers of national scientific research institutes and large enterprises came to Weite electronics to deeply understand the development and comprehensive strength of Weite electronics and greatly appreciated Weite electronics. Since then, Weite electronics has successively hosted many national standard conferences, and has won the status of an authoritative expert while making contributions to national standards.

*It has successively obtained the certificates of members of three technical committees of the National Technical Committee for standardization of lifting machinery, namely, the boom branch, the electrical working group branch and the bridge portal branch.

Participated in 4 national standards: GB 6067.5-2014 \ GB / t31052.4-2017 \ GB / t31052.12-2017 \ GB / T 28264

November 2013

Honor: our marine engineering project was supported by Hubei science and technology support plan

May 2013

Wtl-a series torque limiter wtl-a series torque limiter successfully passed the national instrument explosion-proof safety supervision and inspection

May 2013

The company has obtained a number of patents and intellectual property rights. The company has newly added patents for remote communication and technical support, and patents for remote electrical control. Obtain core intellectual property rights of crane Internet of things

November 2012

The construction of the Weite electronic R & D center building was officially started

May 2012

Award our company was awarded the Yichang harmonious enterprise, and the Yichang Federation of trade unions awarded the May 1st Labor Medal to the chief technical engineer of our company

April 2012

The company won the government award and was rated as a contract abiding and trustworthy unit by Yichang municipal government. The company was rated as an excellent technology entrepreneur by Yichang municipal government

March 2012

The sensor IOT incubator project was signed with the municipal high tech Zone, and the construction of the park was officially started, and it passed the CCS quality management system certification and formal test certificate

February 2012

The industry leader company has obtained many patents such as marine crane and remote monitoring system. As of February, our company has more than 30 patents and copyrights

December 2011

Company image in order to improve the company's image and service quality, the 400 customer service hotline was officially opened for customers

October 2011

China Classification Society quality system certification: our company has passed the quality system certification of China Classification Society

May 2011

Enterprise honor: our company was included in the third batch of key cultivation technology enterprises in Hubei Province

February 2011

Launch and application of new VI system of important mileage micro special wtau, energy saving and consumption reduction project & ldquo; Precision rotary valve acoustic soot blower & rdquo; Passed the acceptance of national innovation fund

January 2011

The newly-built R & D center and laboratory micro special new factory land were successfully approved, the construction project of micro special new factory and R & D center was formally prepared, and Yichang science and Technology Department officially awarded the R & D Department of our company; Yichang sensor IOT Laboratory & rdquo;, That is to affirm the company's remote monitoring technology achievements and shoulder the responsibility of the city's sensor IOT technology innovation

December 2010

Enterprise growth: Hubei Provincial Department of science and Technology identified the key growth enterprises

July 30, 2010

“ Torque limiter and black box recorder with remote monitoring and recording function; The scientific and technological achievements have passed the appraisal of experts in Hubei Province and obtained the certificate of major scientific and technological achievements in Hubei Province.

April 30, 2010

“ Software enterprise & rdquo; The company is recognized as:; Software enterprise & rdquo;, And enjoy preferential policies of relevant software enterprises.

March 12, 2010

Company innovation projects supported by the government: & ldquo; Torque limiter with redundancy and remote monitoring & rdquo; The project was approved by Yichang science and technology research and development project in 2010, and was supported by 200000 yuan.

January 19, 2010

The product has been applied to the wtl-a crane torque limiter developed for super large cranes in Shanghai World Expo, and has obtained the production qualification of 34200tm and the production qualification of complex comprehensive working condition signal of large cranes; The torque limiter for the 2400t floating crane of China Railway Group was successfully applied to the Shanghai World Expo.

December 30, 2009

The high-tech enterprise was jointly recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of Taxation and the Local Taxation Bureau, which fully affirmed the R & D investment level and scientific and technological innovation ability of our company.

December 2, 2009

Scale expansion: the registered capital of the company increased from 850000 yuan to 5 million yuan

June 2009

“ WTL series torque limiter & rdquo& ldquo; WTL series torque limiter & rdquo; It has officially passed the CE certification of the European Community and has been successfully applied to the 1200t crane of China Railway Wuqiao heavy industry group.

April 2009

“ 2500 ton lifting capacity limiter & rdquo; Super large cranes developed by our company & ldquo; 2500 ton lifting capacity limiter & rdquo; The type test certificate was obtained and successfully applied to the 2400t bridge erecting machine of China Railway Science and technology group.

August 2008

“ Precision rotary valve acoustic soot blower & rdquo; Energy saving and consumption reduction project & ldquo; Precision rotary valve acoustic soot blower & rdquo; It was supported by the national innovation fund. In the same year, the company formulated the enterprise standard of acoustic soot blower and filed it with the State Administration of quality supervision.

August 2008

Develop a series of absolute value photoelectric encoders. We cooperate with scancon in Denmark to develop a series of absolute value photoelectric encoders. This product can completely replace similar imported products abroad and is in a leading position in technology in China.

October 2006

“ Crane signal integrated monitoring and control device & rdquo& ldquo; Crane signal integrated monitoring and control device & rdquo; It was supported by Hubei Provincial dry innovation fund.

November 2005

Passed ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification. Passed ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification.

March 2005

The honorary title was recognized as & ldquo; National high tech enterprise;; Yichang high tech Development Zone & ldquo; 2005 advanced start-up enterprise & rdquo; title.

January 2004

“ Microcomputer digital wind direction anemometer & rdquo& ldquo; Microcomputer digital wind direction anemometer & rdquo; Successfully developed and produced, and provided supporting services for large-scale lifting equipment manufacturers such as Taiyuan Heavy Industry Group.

August 2002

WTM type lifting equipment signal integrated monitoring and control system is the first generation product independently developed by the company & mdash& mdash; WTM type signal integrated monitoring and control system for lifting equipment has been successfully applied to the underwater grabbing beams of 500 ton and 400 ton dam top gantry cranes of Lijiaxia Hydropower Plant of the upper Yellow River hydropower company and the small Three Gorges Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

January 7, 2002

Set sail! Based on the concept of wholeheartedly committed to the safety protection of lifting equipment, & ldquo; Yichang Weite Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. & rdquo; Successfully registered and declared to be established.