After-sale service


Weite has a gold medal after-sales installation service team with superb technology and sufficient technical and personnel strength to guarantee its service commitment to users:

① Respond within 24 hours to the product conditions reflected by customers; If the problem cannot be solved through telephone communication, it shall arrive at the site within three days depending on the distance.

② The product has sufficient spare parts supply system to ensure the quality and demand of spare parts.

③ Trained engineering and technical personnel are responsible for product installation and commissioning to ensure timely and comprehensive service.

④ The company is responsible for the on-site technical training of the user's operators, so that the operators can correctly master the use skills.

⑤ The company is responsible for the long-term after-sales maintenance service of the products and provides lifelong technical support.

Provide free telephone support service for life (08:30 a.m. - 22:00 p.m. full time)

Tel: 15207201882

Landline: 0717-6922999, complaint hotline: 13607202117

Switchboard: 400-008-2600

Win customers with heart:

1. This concept emphasizes that we should always create moving with sincerity. Employees are required to serve customers from the bottom of their hearts. The key to customer service lies in "heart", and only by "heart, enthusiasm, care and patience" can we get customers' real satisfaction.

2. Dedication and enthusiasm "means to devote all your efforts and enthusiasm to serving customers. It requires us to change the passive and rigid service into active and smiling service, and to think of the customers with our hearts and feelings.

3. "Carefulness and patience" means to see the truth in the details and to persist in seeing Kung Fu for a long time. High quality service should start from small things, start from small things, take great pains, and be patient to achieve customer satisfaction

4. Customers are always right. Customers know their own needs and hobbies best. This is exactly the information that enterprises need to collect. Because customers have "natural consistency", quarreling with one customer means quarreling with all customers.