Sensor IOT Laboratory

Yichang sensor IOT laboratory is a professional public service R & D laboratory invested and built by Weite Technology Co., Ltd. It was founded in 2010 and has 12 laboratory personnel.

Gao Yumin, director of the laboratory, is a senior engineer and the winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal. Invited expert of national Lifting Machinery Standardization Technical Committee and drafter of industrial national standards.

The laboratory has more than 50 sets of professional test and detection equipment, with a value of more than 3 million yuan, including force measuring machine, electronic universal testing machine, oscilloscope, linkage test bench, electrostatic discharge generator, large server, etc. Among them, the high and low temperature alternating damp heat, high temperature aging, press and other equipment in the laboratory have passed the inspection and affirmation of the Technical Supervision Bureau. Yichang sensor IOT laboratory is one of the few laboratories equipped with electrostatic discharge, lightning surge and other equipment in China. The instruments and sensors are tested in the laboratory before delivery, and the sensors are calibrated to ensure the quality of the products. The experiments and tests in the laboratory are carried out according to the national standards or even higher than the national standards in the industry, so as to ensure that the quality of products can meet the national standards and meet the use of users. Jianghan University, as a technical cooperation unit, joined the expert technical committee of the testing center to provide technical support for the testing.

In order to more intuitively feel the products of Weite electronics, Weite electronics purchased a crane, which is specially used for the company's research and development of products and experiments. Feel and improve the product quality by installing micro electronics on the crane.

In addition to R & D and testing for Weite company, the laboratory is also open to relevant technology enterprises in Yichang sensor IOT incubator, providing free testing equipment and testing services.

Yichang sensor IOT laboratory, adhering to the enterprise philosophy of Yichang Weite integrity, pragmatism, innovation and specialization, insists on quality first and provides users with advanced technology and high-quality products.