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Wtau support Crane Safety Monitoring System for Nanjing Port Machinery’s portal cranes
2021-06-22 16:40:57

Recently, the anti-collision systems installed by Weite Technologies for Nanjing Port Machinery's new multi-door landline has passed the customer's acceptance and has been put into use.


Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional factory with qualifications for the design, manufacture, installation, transformation and maintenance of large-scale port machinery (container machinery_port handling machinery_terminal equipment). It is located in the beautiful historical and cultural city of Nanjing.


Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


A diversified product sales network represented by more than ten types of products such as port gantry cranes, gantry cranes with buckets, continuous ship unloaders, car unloaders, stackers, grain suction machines, and quayside container gantry cranes has been created. The products are mainly distributed in domestic and foreign seaports, inland river ports and industrial and mining enterprises, covering more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and exported to South Korea, Singapore, Bangladesh and other Southeast Asian countries.


Nanjing Port Machinery's new portal crane


Weite has cooperated with Nanjing Port Machinery for many times, and many products have been recognized and praised. In response to the requirements of the “Notice on Carrying out the Investigation and Treatment of Hidden Dangers of Lifting Machinery” issued by the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration, starting from May 1, 2021, lifting machinery manufacturers shall apply for newly delivered bridge and gantry cranes. Two different types of height limit devices are installed at the same time. The cooperation between Nanjing Port Machinery and Weite technologies is to install an active anti-collision system for portal cranes base units newly shipped from the factory.


The anti-collision system of this cooperation uses the millimeter-wave radar technology of the on-board autopilot system, through software algorithms, increases the detection position, detection opening, hoisting equipment rotation speed, and detects obstacles through the reflected signal of the radar sensor, millimeter-wave radar It has strong ability to penetrate fog, smoke and dust, strong anti-interference ability, and has the characteristics of all-weather and all-weather. According to the characteristics of millimeter wave radar, it can be well used in the harsh environment of construction sites.


equipment finished installation


The anti-collision system of the portal crane is convenient and quick to install, does not change the structural performance of the original equipment , and will not produce any negative effects. Using the latest millimeter-wave radar sensor technology development and design, millimeter-wave radar sensors are installed at important positions of the boom head and the highest point of the boom to actively detect obstacles that invade the detection area and send an alarm message to the main control room. , So that the operator can take timely measures to avoid; or provide a control signal to directly warn the hoisting equipment, or decelerate operation or even give a control signal to stop the crane from continuing to run in a dangerous direction.


Main interface of portal crane anti-collision system 


The portal crane anti-collision system has sound and light alarm prompts, which can remind the operator to pay attention to safety in time without distracting the operator. Prevent the equipment from running to unsafe areas, and the operation is simple and convenient. The communication is reliable, the communication distance is long, and the ability to cross obstacles is strong. The equipment is easy to operate, and the operator does not need to modify any data to avoid malfunctions caused by human misoperation. Small size, compact structure, small space in the cab, easy to install and use.


Nearly 200 successful cases. The successful application experience of nearly a thousand devices has strictly tested the performance and quality of Weite Technologies products, and also provided valuable experience for technicians and installers. Weite will continue to strictly control product quality and service as always, and take the user as the center, and join hands with Nanjing Port Machinery to pursue dreams.

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