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Wtau load moment limiter system supports the harbour portal crane of foshan gaomingzhu Terminal
2021-10-19 10:44:25


Recently, the installation project of the load moment indicator for the harbour portal crane of Foshan Gaomingzhu Terminal undertaken by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. has successfully completed the on-site construction, and has passed the inspection and acceptance of the customer and the Foshan Special Inspection Institute.


Foshan Gaoming Pearl River Freight Terminal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gaoming Terminal") was established in 1992 and underwent asset reorganization in January 2004. It is wholly-owned and operated by Pearl River Shipping Enterprise (Stock) Co., Ltd., and is the logistics sector of the Provincial Shipping Group Benchmarking enterprise. In 2016, the foreign trade container throughput exceeded 388,000 TEU, making it the largest terminal enterprise in Foshan's foreign trade throughput.


Foshan Gaoming Pearl River Freight Terminal


Gaomingzhu Terminal is located in the lower reaches of the Xijiang River. The river at the port is 1000-1500 meters wide and the water depth is 8-12 meters. The land transportation road network in the terminal area is developed. The extensive transportation network gives the terminal a natural geographical advantage. The port is close to Gaoming Cangjiang Industrial Park, more than 60 kilometers from Guangzhou, 45 kilometers from Foshan, and 101 nautical miles from Hong Kong waterway Notable features.



Gaoming Terminal harbour portal crane


The harbour portal crane that Weite cooperated with Foshan Gaomingzhu Terminal this time is the new lifting equipment for customers, and it is urgent to complete the installation and put it into use on site.

After understanding the urgent needs and opinions of the customers, we issued tailor-made product technical solutions for the customers. The technical engineers were arranged to go to the site as soon as possible. After arriving at the site, the intensive and orderly installation work was quickly started.



WTL-A700 safe load indicator monitor


The WTL-A700 crane load moment limiter system installed for the harbour portal crane in cooperation with Foshan Gaomingzhu terminal is a product independently designed and developed by Weite. It is a multi-functional, high-performance, intelligent human-computer interaction high-end crane safety monitoring The device is suitable for lifting equipment such as electric cranes and fixed cranes.


WTL-A700 Load Moment Indicator


Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring and collection of multiple safety-related operating conditions data such as lifting weight, working range, hook height, rotation angle, environmental wind speed, etc.


Sound and light alarm: When the actual working condition parameters are about to reach the preset limit value, the instrument will send out an audible and visual alarm prompt. When the preset limit value is reached, the alarm will output a safety control signal at the same time to ensure the safety of construction.


Password protection: Multi-level password protection function, can set the modification authority and prevent unrelated personnel from random modification.


Data Logger function: with black box fault recording function, fault information can be recorded at any time, and different sizes of storage space can be selected according to needs.


Anti-interference: software and hardware have strong anti-interference ability against external electromagnetic waves.


Good versatility: It can meet the mechanical requirements of various types of cranes, and can meet the stepless alarm requirements of various working conditions.


Backup and recovery: It has the original parameter backup and recovery function. Once the data is set incorrectly and can not work normally, you can use this function to restore the initial state.

In addition to the WTL-A700 crane load moment indicator, Weite also equipped the WFS-2  new wind cup and QGX lifting height limiter for the harbour portal craneof Gaoming terminal. The WFS-2 new wind cup is used for The harbour portal crane measures the instantaneous wind speed and average wind speed during operation, and realizes automatic monitoring, real-time display, over-limit alarm and control. QGX lifting height limiter can effectively prevent equipment and personnel accidents such as topping, derailment, and falling.



WFS-2 new wind cup sensor installed on site


During the actual installation and commissioning process on site, the customer temporarily requested additional functional requirements such as luffing limit deceleration protection and automatic clearing of spreader switching. Weite technical engineers actively and efficiently communicated with the equipment electrical personnel, quickly met the needs of customers, and successfully completed the installation and commissioning tasks within the time required by the customers, solved the urgent needs of the customers, and was highly recognized by the customers.



Weite QGX lifting height limiter

At present, the product has been installed and debugged, and the user has passed the inspection and acceptance. It has been put into the busy freight throughput of the Foshan Gaomingzhu Wharf. At the same time, the user said that it will continue to strengthen the cooperation with Weite in the future. Weite will continue to strictly control product quality and service as always, and focus on users, providing reliable products that are closer to customer needs and perfect and timely technical services.


As a leader in the field of crane safety, Weite has been committed to providing customers with valuable products and services. We hope to reduce the crane safety accident rate to a minimum through our products and provide customers with more reliable safety management solutions.

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