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WGJ-1 type anti two block limit switch assists 1200T offshore crane ship
2021-12-07 09:58:53

Lifting vessels are commonly used lifting equipment for offshore wind power operations. Due to the complex offshore operating environment, the safety of lifting operations is particularly important. This time, WEITE TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD, is equipped with a WGJ-1 type anti two block limit switch for a 1200T large crane vessel of a certain bureau of CCCC, which is in line with the "Notice on Carrying out the Investigation and Treatment of Hidden Dangers of Lifting Machinery" issued by the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration.


△ 1200T crane ship

Due to the tight schedule of the customer, the installation has just returned from operations in the South China Sea, and there is only a few days of empty time. WEITE technical engineers took advantage of this rare gap, communicated and coordinated, and successfully completed the high-altitude installation task with the full cooperation of the customer.


△ Project high-altitude installation site

The anti two block limit switch is specifically for lifting equipment, and can be widely used in various truck cranes, all-terrain truck cranes, tire cranes, crawler cranes, port and dock cranes and other lifting equipment.

The WGJ type Anti two block limit switch/anti two block device/a2b limit switch is an automatic electrical protection switch for the Anti two block limit switch of the hoisting machinery wire rope. It is matched with a heavy hammer of appropriate weight. It uses the up and down movement of the hook to lift or lower the heavy hammer to disconnect or turn on the switch to automatically cut off the power supply of the hoist to the brake system, and achieve the purpose of limiting the over-winding of the wire rope. The purpose of lifting hooks within a certain height.


△ WGJ-1 type Anti two block limit switch

The working environment of construction cranes is relatively harsh, and the switch is exposed to the outside for a long time. Therefore, when the switch is used on the crane, the shell is often damaged, and poor waterproofing will cause the switch contacts to oxidize and contact poorly, thus bringing a certain degree of safety to the crane. Hidden dangers.

In order to test the performance of the product, WEITE has always attached great importance to the investment of various experimental equipment. In the self-built laboratory, there are already high and low temperature alternating damp heat test boxes, deep water pressure testers and other testing equipment for performance testing and improvement in the product design process. , It can simulate most harsh environments to test the design of new products.


△ Part of the testing equipment in WEITE's self-built laboratory

However, more and more severe industrial environments require more professional environments for simulation. In line with the high requirements for product quality, WEITE sent the WGJ-1 type  Anti two block limit switch, which has undergone internal testing and improvement, to ICAS. Professional IP protection level test.


△ WGJ-1 type Anti two block limit switch test report

The test of the product is carried out in strict accordance with the national standard "GB/T 4208-2017". After 8 hours of floating dust test and 3 minutes of high-pressure water gun spray test, there is no dust or water inside the product, reaching the IP66 protection level. standard. Among them, the dust proof grade 6 has reached the highest standard of the national standard, and the waterproof grade 6 has also reached the military industry standard.

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