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Weite safety monitoring system helps CITIC Jinzhou Metallurgical Crane
2021-11-09 14:14:57

Recently, the WTSM-A safety monitoring management system equipped with 10 metallurgical cranes of CITIC Jinzhou by Weite has passed the acceptance of users and the local special inspection institute and has been put into use.


CITIC Jinzhou Metal Co., Ltd. was founded in 1940. After the founding of New China, it was listed as one of the key construction projects aided by the former Soviet Union during the national "First Five-Year Plan" period. It is the Republic’s first special ferroalloy production and scientific research base. The backbone of the industry. Won the "National May 1st Labor Award", "National Model Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise", "National Model Workers' Home" and many other national honors.

Metallurgical crane-1.jpg

CITIC Jinzhou Metal Co., Ltd.


CITIC Jinzhou has numerous production equipment, among which the role of metallurgical cranes in production should not be underestimated. In order to improve the safe production efficiency of cranes and ensure safe and efficient production, CITIC Jinzhou will install crane safety monitoring systems for 10 of the main equipment this time.

Metallurgical crane-2.jpg

On-site crane safety monitoring and management system


As early as 2017, Weite cooperated with CITIC Jinzhou to install a safety monitoring system for metallurgical bridge crane. In the process of installation, Weite engineers also overcome all difficulties, and finally successfully completed the installation task and passed the inspection and acceptance of the special inspection institute. After the installation is completed, the crane users and management personnel on the scene will be trained and explained in detail. Weite has maintained a good cooperative relationship with CITIC Jinzhou for many years.

Metallurgical crane-3.jpg

the representatives of Weite and the representatives relevant leaders of the special inspection institute took photo in 2017

This is another cooperation between Weite and CITIC Jinzhou after 2017. Due to the foundation of the successful cooperation in the early stage, CITIC Jinzhou soon chose Weite to complete the project.

Metallurgical crane-4-1.jpgMetallurgical crane-4-2.jpg

Hook lifting height measuring device and trolley traveling measuring device


After the preliminary technical communication, Weite added the WTSM-A crane safety monitoring system for the refurbishment project of 10 metallurgical crane safety monitoring systems of CITIC Jinzhou. After the completion of this project, the safety production efficiency of CITIC Jinzhou can be greatly improved. Provide a strong guarantee for safe production operations.

Metallurgical crane-5-2.jpgMetallurgical crane-5-1.jpg

Laser sensor and camera equipped on site


The Weite WTSM-A security monitoring and management system equipped for CITIC Jinzhou this time has the functions of real-time monitoring, dynamic display, sound and light alarm, data backup, power-off memory storage and password protection, and has strong anti-interference , Friendly operation interface, strong versatility etc.

 Metallurgical crane-6.jpg

On-site lifting weight limiter


Except for the WTSM-A safety monitoring and management system, Weite also equipped CITIC Jinzhou Metallurgical Crane with a WTZ-A (200) lifting weight limiter with good performance, high reliability, and lightweight and convenient installation.

Metallurgical crane 7-1.jpgMetallurgical crane7-2.jpg

Weite engineers install the signal data control box on site


After arriving at the CITIC Jinzhou project site, Weitec’s after-sales engineers actively communicated with the owner to formulate a detailed construction plan. In the end, the installation task was successfully completed with the active cooperation of the owner. And in the process of installation, the after-sales engineer of Weite also completed on-site training for users.

 Metallurgical crane-8.jpg

Weite engineers provide on-site training for users


At present, 10 metallurgical crane safety monitoring and management systems of CITIC Jinzhou have passed the inspection and acceptance of Jinzhou Special Inspection Institute, and have been put into daily use, and have been praised by the owners again, indicating that they will continue to further strengthen the cooperation with Weite in the future.


Weite will also continue to uphold the original intention as always to strictly control product quality and service, all user-centered, and provide reliable products that are closer to customer needs and complete and timely technical services.

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