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Weite participates in major engineering projects of Zhejiang Province
2021-07-28 14:25:18

Zhejiang Province is located in the eastern part of my country. The continental plates are generally long from north to south and short from east to west. Zhejiang’s mountains and hills account for 74.63%, flat land accounts for 20.32%, rivers and lakes account for 5.05%%, and the cultivated land area is only 2.0817 million hectares, so there is a saying of "seven mountains, one water and two fields".


Hangzhou-Wenzhou Expressway 


The terrain of Zhejiang slopes stepwise from southwest to northeast. The southwest is dominated by mountains, the middle is dominated by hills, and the northeast is a low and flat alluvial plain. It can be roughly divided into six terrain areas: the North Zhejiang Plain, the West Zhejiang Hills, the East Zhejiang Hills, the Central Jinqu Basin, the Southern Zhejiang Mountains, the Southeast Coastal Plain and the Coastal Islands.


The mountainous concrete cable-stayed bridge with the highest height and the largest cross-border in Zhejiang Province. The approach bridge is 783.654 meters in length, the main bridge is 580 meters in length, the span of the main tower is 300 meters, and the height of the main tower is 210.317 meters.


Weite’s destination this time is the mountains of southern Zhejiang. At present, Zhejiang is constructing two main arteries of north-south traffic, a high-speed rail line-Hangzhou-Wenzhou high-speed rail, and a high-speed line-Liyang-Ningde highway.


Weite’s cooperation this time is the expressway project. In Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, it installed stress and displacement monitoring on the large-scale lifting equipment of the project department, and did a remote smart platform transmission display.


 Tower crane with Weite Monitor  


Weite’s on-site service is the monitoring of the main tower crane which is higher than the main tower. During the on-site service period, the 4 tower cranes on site have been lifted to a height of nearly 200 meters. Weite after-sales service personnel can take the elevator to reach the platform of more than 100 meters, and the remaining tens of meters must be used together with hands and feet, vertically up, and complete the arduous installation tasks on it, and cooperate with the project department to actively coordinate. Next, the installation and commissioning of all 4 devices have been completed.


Weite stress monitoring system 


This installation is mainly to monitor the stress and displacement of the equipment under limited conditions at the request of the owner. At the same time, the equipment is also equipped with a remote software system to transmit on-site monitoring data to the Weite remote monitoring platform, and perform functions such as data display, data alarm, and SMS reminder on the platform.



The stress and displacement monitoring system for the large-scale lifting equipment installed in this expressway project is based on long-term theoretical and experimental research, and the WTSS-A-09 independently designed and developed by Weite in cooperation with relevant university research institutions and national standard drafters. (V1) type stress monitoring system.



Historical data curve table display to monitor the whole process of data 


 Features of WTSS-A-09(V1):

According to different lifting equipment, different positions and numbers of stress sensors are configured to obtain the deflection deformation and stress influence of the main key parts of the crane, and record the stress changes.


By monitoring the incremental changes in the working stress of the key parts of the crane, combined with the load spectrum of the crane's self-stress stroke, the service life of the crane is estimated through scientific calculations.


WTSS-A-09(V1) system frame diagram  


Weite will always focus on the research in the field of lifting equipment safety management, leading the industry to the development of crane big data management, whole life process monitoring services, and intelligent hoisting ecosystem, and become a global leader in the field of lifting safety management.

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