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Weite Crane Safety Monitoring System Support for Beam Lifting Equipment of China Railway construction
2020-05-28 09:31:59

Entering the China Railway 12th Bureau Hanshou Beam Factory and seeing the clear red lettering on the gate: "Traffic Power, Railway First" is inspiring. The neat and clean factory area gives a refreshing feeling. The outstanding contribution of the team that thrives in the fierce market competition to the development of the country is worthy of admiration, and the cooperation between Weite and its contribution to the country ’s meager contribution is also honored.


At 11: 6 am on April 28th, with the order of the on-site commander, the first box girder of the whole line was steadily dropped on the pier, marking the Changyichang railway construction entering the beam-building stage and sending it to the "May Day" International Labor Day With the special blessing of the laborers.

On the banks of the Yuan River in early summer, it was warm and warm. The box girder with a total length of 32.6 meters and a weight of 828 tons lay "flat" between two heavy-duty beam lifting machines, waiting for the beam to be ordered. Representatives of Changde City, Hanshou County, and units directly under the county, towns, and construction units witnessed this historical moment. As the participating construction representatives jointly activated the beam erecting button, the first box girder of the Changyi Chang Railway was slowly lifted by the steel cable, and was placed on the 9.5-meter-high pier platform in less than 5 minutes.


In the first ten days before the installation of the first box girder on the whole line, Weite received the information from the twelve bureaus, requesting us to complete the installation and commissioning of several sets of cross-line safety monitoring systems within ten days, and ensure the success of the first box girder. Hoist. In the face of the urgent needs of customers, we immediately indicated that we must complete the task within the prescribed time, which is our spirit of Weite. We always focus on the research of the safe operation of cranes, and have accumulated rich on-site experience in various industries and provide users with Provide reliable security management solutions.


In order to ensure the smooth lifting of the first box girder of the whole line, Weite technical engineers immediately rushed to the construction site for investigation and worked out detailed solutions and construction plans. Then the company's production department immediately put into production and was highly efficient within the specified time Completed the production, quality inspection and other work, and quickly delivered the system to the construction site.


After on-site investigation, Weite equipped WFS-2 wind speed sensor for the 12th Bureau of China Railway Group. This type of wind speed sensor is an upgraded product of Weite in recent years, and its performance has been greatly improved. The wind resistance level adjusted by finite element analysis and adjustment structure is much greater than 14. , The sensing point is upgraded to 1024, the accuracy reaches 0.1m / s, and it has high sensitivity and high accuracy for the real-time wind speed monitoring on site.


Since the two equipments lift a box beam at the same time during cross-line lifting, the weight requirements are relatively high, and it is necessary to monitor and collect the safety-related working data such as the lifting weight in real time. And ensure that the two devices are evenly stressed, and no unsafe phenomena such as eccentric loading can occur. Weite is equipped with a WTZ-A100 overload limiter for the device, which has an audible and visual alarm for overload Control, backup and recovery, voltage adaptation, simple debugging, anti-shake delay, power-off protection, automatic compensation function, anti-electromagnetic interference, password protection, can be connected to large screen, wireless sensing and other performance characteristics, with greater versatility And powerful scalability, faster, more accurate and more reliable.

Because the equipment must maintain the level of the beam during the lifting of the hanger beam to prevent tilting, the accuracy of the lifting height data is high when the two equipment are lifted. Stable and reliable detection equipment lifting height data to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

The WTSM-A crane safety monitoring system includes a video monitoring system to visually monitor the equipment's lifting point area, walking area, key monitoring institutions, lifting drums, etc. The operator can check the arrangement of the hoist wire rope in the operating room, As well as the balance state, the system can alarm in time when there are occlusions and foreign objects in the operation area, and the video data can be saved at the same time, which provides data support for the subsequent equipment operation data backtracking.


The crane safety monitoring system meets the requirements of national standards for cross-line safety monitoring, and can independently record and view various parameters in real time. Equipped with commonly used communication interface, passive switch signal interface, 4-20mA analog signal interface, pulse signal interface, with independent and expandable I / O function. The data of the whole machine adopts Modbus or Profibus communication, which can view the historical operation records in real time, and can analyze and judge the correctness of the operation in the background. Early warning, alarm and control of conventional faults, while saving fault information, improve the safety and reliability of equipment operation. The system will manage the historical operation records of the equipment. Use remote modules to achieve remote repair of equipment. The system provides a communication interface with PLC, which can read various real-time data and display it in real time.


After intense and orderly installation and construction, the installation and commissioning of several cross-line safety monitoring systems were successfully completed before the first box girder was erected on the whole line, and passed the acceptance of the special inspection institute, which ensured the smooth progress of the first box girder erection , Weite once again received unanimous praise from customers.

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