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Weite assists the 4200T crane ship "Yuhang 58"
2021-07-20 10:50:51

Recently, the full-line reconstruction project of the 4200T crane vessel Yuhang 58 undertaken by Weite successfully completed the light-load, full-load, and heavy-duty counterweight tests, and passed the expert review meeting on the same day. At present, the "Yuhang 58" Has regained a new life, and reclaimed the sea!

Jiangsu Yuhang Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuhang Company) is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in ocean engineering, port and bridge engineering, shipbuilding, towing transportation and salvage operations services. There are now more than 20 types of ships including large and small full-slewing floating crane engineering ships, high-power tugs, three-purpose work ships and large-tonnage self-propelled deck barges.


"Yuhang 58" has participated in the construction of a number of domestic offshore wind power projects, including Longyuan Jiangsu Jiangjiasha 300MW offshore wind power project sea booster station construction project, State Power Investment Jieyang 900MW offshore wind power project wind turbine foundation pile construction project, The Three Gorges Liaoning Dalian Zhuanghehai booster station construction project, the Three Gorges Yangxishaba offshore wind farm construction project, and the China General Nuclear Power Nanpengdaohai booster station construction project are one of the main ships of offshore wind power projects.


On September 13, 2020, a crane vessel was engaged in the installation of a single pile foundation at the CGN Guangdong Shanwei Houhu Offshore Wind Farm. The crane boom suddenly broke due to the "slipping pile", and the boom was bent after falling down. status. In this accident, the 1,800-ton steel pipe pile hoisted by the crane ship slipped, and the instantaneous weight would exceed five times ten times the original weight. The brake system of the jib crane was pulled in reverse and the jib was damaged fracture. "

 Pile slipping” is one of the typical problems encountered in the installation of offshore wind power pile foundations. It refers to the uncontrolled rapidness under the weight of the pile hammer or a small number of hammer strokes when the pile penetrates into certain soft soil layers. Sinking phenomenon. "Pile slipping" may cause damage to the wire rope, damage to the pile hammer, damage to the pile body, or even abandonment.


In order to avoid similar "pile slipping" incidents, the "Yuhang 58" was upgraded and reconstructed on the whole line after returning to the Yuhang shipyard, and contacted Weite sales manager and technical engineers to check the actual site to understand the installation location of the sensor and the specific route direction , Reasonably plan and work out a complete plan, customize a complete set of equipment to update. Weite technical engineer work closely with on-site engineers to overcome unfavorable factors such as weather and environment. The installation task of the safe load indicator is perfectly completed! After eight months of precipitation, "Yuhang 58" has been reborn!


The main products used in the transformation of "Yuhang 58" include: new WFS-2 wind speed sensor, JD-180R angle sensor, customized three-pulley load cell, WTL-A700 load moment indicator system, etc.


The WTL-A700 automatic safe load indicator equipped by Weite for "Yuhang 58" is a multi-functional, high-performance, intelligent human-computer interaction high-end crane safety monitoring device. It is mainly used for the lifting equipment of offshore platforms with more complicated monitoring signals.

During the installation process, Weite technical engineer and Jiangsu Yuhang engineers carried out on-site multi-point calibration of the actual amplitude and weight of the "Yuhang 58" to ensure the accuracy of the tonnage at different angles and improve the reliability of the Yuhang 58 lifting weight!


In addition, three-pulley sensors customized according to different wire rope diameters and tensions are widely used in marine cranes, anchor winches for force measurement or length measurement, real-time detection of wire rope tension, and safe overload protection.

The new WFS-2 wind speed sensor used by "Yuhang 58" this time is through the cooperation of the wind cup and the imported bearing and its accessories, the wind speed is converted into the mechanical speed, and then it should be replaced by the internal non-contact magnetic sensor. Electric signal to realize the electric signal detection of wind speed. The product shell is made of improved engineering plastics, which is beautiful and generous, heat-resistant, low-temperature resistant, waterproof and anticorrosive, excellent electrical performance and high precision, and is widely used in various fields.


The JD-180 angle sensor is composed of a potentiometer and a pendulum. It can be installed on the boom of a crane. The angle of the boom to the ground is measured by rotating the potentiometer driven by the counter weight, and the corresponding voltage value is output. This goniometer is widely used in luffing cranes. Installation is simple and convenient, with high accuracy!


After precise planning, careful arrangement, and precise implementation, "Yuhang 58" successfully completed light load, full load, heavy load and other counter weight tests, with a maximum lifting weight of 4,200 tons! And on the same day, it passed the expert review meeting at one time. At present, the "Yuhang 58" has gone to Changle, Fujian for wind power hoisting tasks!

In addition, Weite also provided safety protection devices for "Yuhang 03", "Yuhang "28", "Yuhang 32", as well as 25T landline planes and 300T gantry cranes in the shipyard. In the future, Weite will continue to focus on the research in the field of crane safety management to provide customers with reliable safety management solutions!

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