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The flat-boom tower crane equipped with WTAU brand safety monitoring system
2021-05-12 15:14:10

In March, the technical engineer from Weite Technologies completed  the safety monitoring system   installation and commisioning of  the flat-boom tower crane produced by a heavy industry technology company.


Erected flat-boom tower crane


The flat-boom tower crane developed and produced by the heavy industry technology company is widely used in construction operations. The WTSM-A safety monitoring system independently developed by Weite Technologies is aimed at flat-boom tower cranes. It is easy to install, practical and convenient, and has excellent sensor anti-interference ability and stability. Good performance, the specific functions are as follows:


real-time display

Real-time display of current working parameters with graphs and values, including lifting weight, torque, amplitude, rotation angle and lifting height (the graph is the rated lifting characteristic curve of the tower crane).


Critical alarm

When the lifting weight and lifting torque exceed 90% of the rated value, it will automatically send out an audible and visual alarm.


Overload protection

When the rated load is exceeded, the system automatically cuts off the power supply in the dangerous direction and forcibly terminates the illegal operation.


Data record download

It accurately reflects the real-time real-time working conditions of the monitored object in real time, and is equipped with an aviation-level fault data recorder, which can reproduce the key data of the equipment at different times at any time and provide a traceable objective historical record.


safety monitoring and management system host instrument in Operator's cabin


At the same time, the field equipment is also equipped with WTAU brand DXZ type height limiter and WFM-1 type azimuth sensor.


The DXZ type height limiter is composed of a high-precision large transmission ratio reducer and a mechanical memory control mechanism and sensors synchronized with its output shaft. It can be widely used in the control and limit of the space three coordinates of lifting and transmission machinery in construction, port, mining and other industries. It has the characteristics of small size, multiple functions, high precision, strong versatility of adjustable limit and convenient maintenance, installation and adjustment.


DXZ type height limiter


The WFM-1 type azimuth sensor is composed of a highly reliable, strong interference industrial-grade single-chip microcomputer and a highly reliable magnetic flux sensor and drive chip. The integration is very high, and it can achieve reliable, high-precision, and strong anti-magnetic field interference horizontal position detection. Using SPI interface, it can output 0°-365° angle, and has the functions of true north calibration and hard magnetic compensation.



▲WFM-1 Orientation Sensor


The construction site is overcast and rainy. In order not to delay the delivery of the whole lifting equipment, the after-sales service engineer of Weite Technologies immediately put into the intensive installation and commissioning operation after arriving at the site. After 3 days of unremitting efforts, the safety monitoring system has been successfully installed and commissioned!


As a leader in crane safety technology, Weite technologies has been committed to providing customers with more reliable safety management solutions, striving to minimize the crane safety accident rate, making lifting equipment safer operation and easier management.

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