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The application of Weite Technologies’ Hook Visualization System in Fuxia High-speed Railway
2021-05-15 15:55:33

Recently, Weite engineers have carried out product upgrades and routine maintenance inspections for multiple tower crane hook visualization systems serving the Wulong River Bridge, so that Weite products can better serve the Wulong River Bridge!


The Fuxia Railway closely connects the three major coastal economic zones of the Yangtze River Delta, the west bank of the Straits and the Pearl River Delta. It is of great significance to alleviate the "bottleneck" of the railway in the southeast coastal area, improve the road network structure, and improve the comprehensive transportation capacity. It is of great significance to promote the economic development of the west bank of the Straits and the reunification of the motherland.


Wulong River Bridge


Among them, the Wulong River Bridge is located in Cangshan District of Fuzhou and Minhou County. About 220 meters downstream is the Wulong River Highway Bridge on National Road 324, with a total length of 868.188 meters, spanning National Road 324 and Wulong River. The bridge is a double-track bridge with a total length of 868.178 meters, a total of 14 piers, and a total investment of about 133 million yuan. The bridge uses a double-line rectangular hollow abutment with a main span of (144+288+144) meters partially cable-stayed bridge, which is the largest span of its kind in the world.


Project construction site

The hook visualization system has been used in multiple tower cranes of the Wulong River Bridge for more than a year. In order to solve the remote supervision needs of the corresponding customers, we specially arranged for micro-specialists to carry out product upgrades and routine maintenance inspections for customers on site. Abundant construction experience, continuous innovation and enterprising spirit and high quality responsibility consciousness make customers satisfied.


Wulong River Bridge at night


WTVI-QTZ type tower crane hook visualization system.

The hook visualization system of multiple tower cranes serving the Wulong River Bridge is the WTVI-QTZ tower crane hook visualization system independently developed and designed by Weite.


Wtau brand hook visualization system monitoring screen

The WTVI-QTZ tower crane hook visualization system can display real-time video images around the hook with high-definition images to the tower crane driver in real time, which solves the blind spot of the tower crane driver on the construction site, long-distance vision is blurred, and manual voice guidance is easy to make mistakes. And other industry problems. At the same time, it reduces labor costs and improves work efficiency. Under the latest situation, it is necessary to improve the supervision effect, reduce safety accidents, promote digital standard construction sites and other indispensable industry weapons. The visualization system can be configured separately or matched with the monitoring system, and the project department can view it remotely.


Hook Visual guidance system diagram of Weite Technologies

Advantages of Weite hook visualization system


Visual hoisting reduces the risk of blind hoisting and improves the safety factor


Install the camera on the front end of the tower crane boom or above the hook. The shooting area will not be blocked by other objects. The lens can automatically track the hook and focus automatically. The driver can clearly see the shooting picture and judge independently according to the shooting picture. The hoisting situation, combined with the guidance of the signalman, achieves the effect of double insurance.


Process records, accident liability analysis


Automatic video guidance device, accident responsibility division analysis, tower crane automatic video guidance device real-time storage of the video signals collected by the spherical camera and the intercom recording of the signalman and the tower crane driver, and can store relevant data for 30 days. After an accident occurs, you can read the video and audio data in the video guidance device to restore the on-site situation at that time, which is convenient for the safety supervision department and the construction site safety department to find the cause of the accident and confirm the responsible party.


Improve work efficiency, flexible matching


After installation, the tower crane operator can put the visualization system hook in place at one time according to the clear video, and can also choose the right time to lift according to the video when lifting, and can discover the abnormal situation of the lifting process in time, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The visualization system can be configured separately or matched with the monitoring system, and can realize functions such as remote viewing.


Weite is committed to the field of lifting safety protection. It is one of the earliest companies in China to develop a visualized intelligent construction site for the remote safety monitoring system of tower cranes. It is our business philosophy to pay attention to user needs and provide users with valuable products and services.

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