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the 1000T bridge crane refurbishment project of Silin Hydropower Plant been Successful acceptance by the end customer
2021-05-25 16:50:59

Recently, the 1000T bridge crane refurbishment project of Silin Hydropower Plant undertaken by Weite successfully passed the customer's acceptance and began to be put into use!

01  Silin Hydropower Plant

Silin Hydropower Station is located on the main stream of Wujiang River in Sinan County, Guizhou Province. It is the eighth-level power station of Wujiang Hydropower Base. The upstream is Goupitan Hydropower Station and the downstream is Shatuo Hydropower Station.


Guizhou Silin Hydropower Plant

The maximum height of the RCC gravity dam of Silin Hydropower Station is 117m, the dam crest length is 326.5m, the dam crest elevation is 452m, the normal storage level of the reservoir is 440m, the corresponding storage capacity is 1.205 billion cubic meters, and the adjusted storage capacity is 317 million cubic meters. Regulate the reservoir. The power station has a rated water head of 64m, an installed capacity of 1.05 million kW, and an average annual power generation of 4.064 billion kW.h. In 2009, all units generated electricity.

02  Silin Bridge crane Transformation Project


The scope of the reconstruction of the bridge crane project of Silin Hydropower Station mainly includes the installation of safety monitoring systems and control system reconstruction of multiple bridge cranes.


The control system transformation includes PLC control cabinet, main power control cabinet, trolley traveling mechanism, main and auxiliary lifting control, trolley traveling mechanism, electric hoist control mechanism, linkage table, lighting control box, control system components, cable replacement and debugging .


Bridge crane reconstruction project


03  Project construction site

At the beginning of this year, Weite engineers went to the site to assist Silin Hydropower Plant in lifting the 960T rotor. The lifting process was very smooth without any abnormalities.


960T rotor been successfully lifted

The WTAU-specialist at the construction site handled every installation detail rigorously and patiently debugged each equipment to ensure the reliability of the equipment operation after the installation was completed.


Cabinet installation

The installation and wiring of the bridge cabinet body and the resistance cabinet, the installation of multiple linkage stations and the QGX type lifting height limiter, and the installation and debugging of the safety monitoring system were completed on the site of the reconstruction of Silin Hydropower Plant.


Monitoring system installation and monitoring screen


WTAU comprehensive detector

After the efforts of the Weite engineers on the project site, under the tight construction time and conditions, overcoming difficulties and racing against time, finally completed the commissioning and acceptance of the bridge crane of Silin Hydropower Plant as scheduled.


-- Project acceptance site



04  QGX type hoist height limiter

The WTAU brand QGX hoist height limiter installed in the reconstruction of the bridge crane of Silin Hydropower Plant is equipped with four to six limit switches, which can be set according to the needs of users. Generally, two protections can be set for rising and falling, namely alarm limit and protection limit.

The spool shaft drives the worm and worm wheel to rotate, and the cam on the worm shaft also rotates. When turning to a certain position, the flange part of the cam contacts the limit switch, which makes the limit switch act and cuts off the power source , So that the spreader stops at the limit position.


Weite QGX lifting height limiter

QGX type lifting height limiter has the characteristics of light weight, convenient installation and debugging, sensitive and accurate response, stable and predictable, long service life, 4 to 8 contact adjustable limit switches, and conforms to the GB14048.5-2008S standard. It is suitable for all kinds of cranes, elevators, elevators and other equipment with displacement machinery. It is a safety protection device that limits the rise of the bottleneck, and can effectively prevent equipment and personnel accidents such as topping, derailment, and falling.


Weite has always been committed to leading the industry in the direction of crane big data management, whole-life process monitoring services, and intelligent hoisting ecosystem, becoming a leader in the field of global lifting safety management.

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