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Pedestal Crane Load Moment Indicator System for Qingdao Dawan terminal
2020-06-10 09:38:51

Recently the pedestal crane load moment indicator system supplied by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. has been successfully applied to Qingdao Dawan terminal Portal crane equipments. At present, the installation and commissioning have been completed and working all good, which has won great praise from customers.


As we all know, our country has a vast territory and a long coastline. There are lots of the ports on the long coastline from south to north, which has played a huge role in promoting our country's economic development. Weite has been digging into the port lifting equipments safety market since its inception. Up to now, it has successively cooperated with Dalian Port, Yingkou Port, Yantai Port, Longkou Port, Rizhao Port, Qingdao terminal, Shanhai terminal, Ningbo Zhoushan Port, Guangzhou Port, etc. Large domestic port groups have become partners. We will also continue to deepen the port industry to help ensure the safe operation of our country's port cranes.


From 2020, our country's port business developed  well . The operation of the cranes in the port is basically at full load. Ensuring the safety of lifting equipment and crews has become a matter of great concern to managers at all levels. To this end, Weite has made great efforts in product upgrades and service upgrades, only hoping to provide customers with better products and safer guarantees.


We also rushed to the on-site investigation for the Dawan Port pedestal  cranes  as soon as we heard the news, and provided customers with scientific and reasonable solutions in time. Eventually, the two parties reached friendly cooperation, and Weite’s high-quality products and services also Make the perfect end for this cooperation.

Thank you for your support of Weite, we will live up to the expectations of our customers, continue to work hard, be down-to-earth, and always provide our customers with valuable products and services!

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