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Miyiwantan Hydropower Portal Crane Safety Management Monitoring System Accepted by the customer
2020-07-06 10:52:43

Recently, the project of Miyiwantan Hydropower Safety Supervision and Management System undertaken by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. was successfully completed and the system has been delivered.


Wantan Hydropower Station is located in Miyi County. It is the last-stage power station developed by Anning River Cascade. It has an installed capacity of 32,000 kilowatts and a total investment of about 240 million yuan. The completed Wantan Hydropower Station will become an industrial and agricultural production in Miyi County. It has sufficient electricity supply for residents' lives and effectively relieves the power shortage in Miyi County during the dry season.

When you came to Miyi County and reached the gate of the power station, the first thing that caught your eye was the equipment of the project. After entering the gate of the power station, there were many mangoes hanging on the mango trees on both sides of the road.


On the day of arrival, after the inventory of the goods and the completion of the relevant construction procedures, the installation work began. The service life of the equipment on the top of the dam is long. During the construction process, some equipment problems found were immediately communicated and resolved with the customer: if the status switch of the rail clamp is not in place, the travel limit switch for large and small vehicles is rusted, and the switch The contact of the contact is not effective, which affects the safety of the door machine. During the construction process, new travel limit switches for large and small vehicles were replaced,the operating position of the status switch of the rail clamp was adjusted, and other parts were inspected. With the joint efforts of both parties, the problems were solved one by one.


Close and meticulous construction, successfully completed all the work, passed the test, and finally delivered to the customer.


When saying goodbye to the customer, the customer told us: "Originally, I thought that the mangoes on the trees have matured for you to try, and you will finish the project so quickly. Otherwise, I will express a few pounds for you to try Panzhihua mangoes. ."


Although I knew that this mango would be sweet before entering the gate of the power station, I could not wait for the mature mango. The next unsupervised safety supervision and management system is still waiting for our service, because there is a sentence that has always reminded us: Make lifting equipment safer and more reliable.

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