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Lifting beams safety monitoring and management system cooperated with China Railway Seventh Bureau
2020-04-29 08:53:01

Recently, the safety monitoring and management system of the lifting beams of China Railway Seventh Bureau, which was undertaken by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd., passed the acceptance sucessfully.


China Railway Seventh Bureau


China Railway Seventh Bureau Group Zhengzhou Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 1953 and reorganized into the world's top 500 enterprises in December 2003. Since its establishment more than half a century ago, the company has carried forward the fine tradition of "opening pioneer", determined to serve the motherland, revitalize enterprises, mend a road when  encounter the mountain, mend a bridge when across the water, completed a large number of projects with great influence in the domestic and foreign construction markets with high quality and efficiency.


The lifting beam is a gantry crane specially designed for bridge construction. The lifting beam can be used to lift two prefabricated beams together, or a single crane with double spreaders can be used to lift the prefabricated beams. The beam-making platform is lifted to the beam storage position, and the prefabricated beams are lifted and transported from the beam storage position to the beam-carrying vehicle after maintenance is completed.



The safety monitoring system equipped by Weite for the lifting beam  plays an important role in the safe and reliable operation of the equipment. The safety monitoring system of the  lifting  beam developed by Weite monitors the operation data of the equipment in real time. The instrument can display the lifting height, lifting weight, speed, trolley travel, trolley travel, anti-collision with the track, wind speed, and the number of work , Overload times and other related data are displayed in real time, and related data is analyzed and judged to prevent the device from running to unsafe areas. When operating in an unsafe area, the system will first give an early warning, and emit an audible and visual alarm to remind the operator, and activate the control function according to the actual situation, so that the relevant operating mechanism of the equipment will stop running to play a protective role.


Weite WTSM-A lifting  beam safety monitoring system instrument

Due to the factors such as the large span and high height of the lifting equipment, the operator has a large blind area in the operation room for the work area and the equipment walking area, and cannot intuitively observe the ground situation, and the ground condition on the construction site is complex, which poses a great potential safety hazard ,In order to ensure that the operator can observe the situation of the work area more intuitively, the safety monitoring system includes a video monitoring system to visually monitor the equipment's hanging point area, walking area, and key monitoring institutions. Alarm and video data can be saved and exported at the same time, which is convenient for accident tracing.


 Video monitoring interface and related sensors

Usually the equipment needs a special driver to operate, and the operator must hold a certificate to work. Therefore, the system is designed to verify the identity of the driver, and the face recognition module is connected to the ignition switch, so that the operator can realize the appointment of the person and the post to ensure the operation of the certificate. Prevent unauthorized personnel from operating the equipment and avoid danger.


Operator face recognition system     

The system also supports remote management, users can remotely view device data, device location, violation records, historical records, real-time video data, personnel management and other powerful remote management capabilities through mobile phones and PC terminals to realize self-diagnosis of faults Effective warning of the possible dangers of the equipment, remote diagnosis and repair of the equipment that has failed according to the historical data analysis function, and comprehensively improve the safety of large equipment operation.


Remote monitoring and management system platform interface

Since its establishment, Weite has always focused on the research of crane safe operation, has accumulated rich field experience in various industries, and can provide users with reliable information management solutions. Today, Weite has developed into a lifting safety protection expert. The leader of domestic crane safety technology, the preferred brand of large and important crane safety monitoring solutions.

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