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Guizhou Guangzhao Hydropower Station safety monitoring and management system was put into use
2021-10-28 16:38:11

Recently, the safety monitoring and management system installed by Weite for Guizhou Guangzhao Hydropower Station No. 2 gantry crane has been installed and debugged and delivered to customers.



Guangzhao Hydropower Station is located in the middle reaches of the Beipan River in Guizhou. It is a large-scale hydropower project of the second batch of "four waters and six fires" power point construction projects in Guizhou's "West-to-East Power Transmission". The power station has an installed capacity of 1040 megawatts and a dam height of 200.5 meters. It is currently the world's highest dam among the roller compacted concrete (RCC) gravity dams that have been built.

 Hydropower station-1.jpg

Guizhou Guangzhao Hydropower Station


It took less than three years from start to completion to build a 200-meter-class world-class high dam. Regardless of speed and quality, it has rewritten the RCC dam construction record and created an advanced level of dam construction in China.


Weite and Guangzhao Power Plant have maintained a good cooperative relationship before. In 2019, Weite installed safety monitoring and management for multiple lifting equipment such as dam crest crane, tail gate crane, water inlet cleaning machine, and main powerhouse bridge crane of Guangzhao Hydropower Station. system. The response from the on-site use is very good, which also laid a solid foundation for this project cooperation!

 guangzhaoHydropower station-2.jpg

In 2019, Weite's served bridge cranes for hydropower stations


This time Guangzhao Hydropower Station once again cooperated with Weite to install a safety monitoring and management system on the No. 2 gantry crane of the hydropower station.


Based on the previous cooperation basis and the understanding of the actual situation of the hydropower station, the WTSM-A safety monitoring system equipped with the Guangzhao Hydropower Station this time meets the national requirements for the safety monitoring of hoisting machinery, and can independently record and view various types in real time. Parameters to effectively solve the lifting safety problems of hydropower stations.

 Hydropower station-4.jpgHydropower station-3.jpg

Weite WTSM-A safety monitoring system and video display


After installing the safety monitoring system on the No. 2 gantry crane of the hydropower station, it has realized real-time monitoring of all links and important safety status of the entire control system of the equipment. At the same time, the system's early warning function can prompt the operator. The equipment operator can have a comprehensive and intuitive understanding of the safety status parameters of each organization during the operation of the equipment through this system.

Hydropower station-5.jpg

Camera installed on the project site



With many years of installation experience and the perfect cooperation of various departments of the hydropower station, everything is proceeding in an orderly manner, and the project is progressing very smoothly. After only one week, the after-sales engineers from Weite completed the on-site installation and commissioning with high efficiency and high standards.

 Hydropower station-6.jpg

Walking distance measuring device


At present, the installation and commissioning of the safety monitoring system for the No. 2 cleaning gantry crane of Guangzhao Hydropower Station has been completed within the time required by the customer. The acceptance site has been affirmed by the customer, and the system has now been delivered to the customer.


In the past 20 years since its establishment, Weite has always focused on the research of crane safe operation, has accumulated rich field experience in various industries, and is committed to providing users with reliable safety management solutions.

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