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Guangxi Changzhou Water Conservancy Ship Lock Monitoring Project Been Approved By The Customer
2020-07-28 10:00:57

Recently, the Guangxi Changzhou third-line & fourth-line ship lock safety monitoring installation project undertaken by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. successfully passed the inspection of Guangxi Wuzhou Special Inspection Office and the third-level acceptance of the ship lock.


Overlooking the Changzhou Water Conservancy Project from the air, one to four line ship locks stand on the surface of the Xijiang River. The third- and fourth-line ship locks of the Changzhou Water Conservancy Project were completed and opened to navigation. The three-line four-line ship lock was officially constructed in May 2011. The project was constructed as a Class I ship lock. The ship lock has a total length of 4,500 meters, a channel bottom width of 153 meters, and an annual design capacity of 96 million tons (one-way).


The third-line and fourth-line ship locks of the Changzhou Water Conservancy Project are the throat project that connects Guangxi and Guangdong waterways, and is a key project for the construction of the Xijiang Golden Waterway. After the completion of the third-line and four-line ship locks, the single-line passing capacity will be 96 million tons, and the total one-way passing capacity of the first to fourth-line locks will reach 136 million tons. It will become the single-level ship lock with the largest passing capacity in the world. It is of great significance to alleviate the navigation pressure of the Xijiang Golden Waterway, improve the currency capacity of the Xijiang Golden Waterway, attract the transfer of industries in the Pearl River Delta, promote the accumulation of industries along the river, and promote the development of the Xijiang Economic Belt.


WTAU equipped a WTSM-A safety monitoring system for the gantry crane (for Ship lock maintenance and opening and closing work), and the trolley ,which can clearly display the monitoring screen of the monitoring area such as the traveling of the cart and the lifting point in the operator's cab. And store the video screen. It provides a visual guarantee for the reliability of hoisting work and the safety of gantry crane operation.


The WTSM-A safety monitoring system product of hydropower station gate crane provided by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. is designed and produced in strict accordance with the "GB/T28264-2017 Lifting Machinery Safety Monitoring Management System" standard. The system has been officially put into use and is normal for the ship lock. Lifting operations provide a strong guarantee.

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