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Guangdong Zhongyi Heavy Industry Portal Crane safe load moment indicator system been Successfully Accepted
2021-07-15 11:06:18

Recently, the safe load moment indicator system developed and produced by Weite has been successfully applied to Guangdong Zhongyi Heavy Industry. It has been installed and debugged with good performace. It gurantee for safe production operations. The crane owner is very satisfied with this cooperation.


Guangdong Zhongyi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise located in Zhongshan City, the hometown of great men. It is the earliest production base of tapered steel pipe poles in China and one of the first environmental protection hot-dip galvanizing projects of the United Nations Common Fund for Commodities (CFC). It is also one of the largest port machinery manufacturers in southern my country, mainly producing large port cranes.


Weite’s cooperation with Zhongyi Heavy Industry this time is mainly to install the safe load moment limiter system for the newly installed fixed portal crane. After the initial communication and negotiation of the project to determine the installation plan, the Weite after-sales engineer went to Zhongshan to install and debug the instrument with the cooperation of the on-site personnel. .


During the debugging process, I encountered a small episode. The minimum amplitude of the customer’s door landline is 10 meters, and the meter displays 11 meters. The customer thinks that there is a problem with the meter debugging. I took the customer to measure it. The actual value is 11 meters, and the meter displays correctly. In response to this problem, the on-site installer found that the limit was not accurate, and assisted the on-site installer to adjust the limit, quickly solve the problem for the customer, and complete the test.


Installed sensor and anemometer


The new WTL-A700 safe load moment indicator system equipped for Guangdong Zhongyi fixed portal crane is a very practical instrument developed by Weite mainly for portal crane. It adopts touch screen display for four channels. The following weight signal and one angle and one wind speed signal are monitored.


WTL-A700 monitor in the operator's cab


WTL-A700 has been widely used in cranes, crawler cranes, portal cranes, port cranes and other lifting equipment with more monitoring signals, and has won a very good reputation. To escort the safe operation of the door and landline, complete the installation and debugging and accompany the customer to pass the inspection, the spreader mode hook mode works perfectly, and is delivered to the customer.

 mobile crane lmi.jpg

Why Choose WTL-A700?


Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring and collection of multiple safety-related operating conditions data such as lifting weight, working range, hook height, rotation angle, environmental wind speed, etc.


Sound and light alarm: When the actual working condition parameters are about to reach the preset limit value, the instrument will send out an audible and visual alarm prompt. When the preset limit value is reached, the alarm will output a safety control signal at the same time to ensure the safety of construction.


Password protection: Multi-level password protection function, can set the modification authority and prevent unrelated personnel from random modification.


Black box memory function: with black box fault recording function, fault information can be recorded at any time, and different sizes of storage space can be selected according to needs.


Anti-interference: software and hardware have strong anti-interference ability against external electromagnetic waves.


Good versatility: It can meet the mechanical requirements of various types of cranes, and can meet the stepless alarm requirements of various working conditions.


Backup and recovery: It has the original parameter backup and recovery function. Once the data is set incorrectly and can not work normally, you can use this function to restore the initial state.

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