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Fight for 80 days! Xiaolangdi Xixiayuan Water Conservancy Project Work Notes
2021-07-09 15:28:13


Location Xiaolangdi Xixiayuan Water Conservancy Project Dam site

The technical service team of Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. is busy on the portal crane. In order to ensure the safe operation of the lifting equipment of the Xiaolangdi Water Conservancy Project, the Weite Technologies Service Team has been fighting at the Xiaolangdi construction site for more than 80 days since the Spring Festival.


Group photo of the installation site of Weite technical staff

The Xixiayuan Water Control Project is a supporting project of the Xiaolangdi Water Control Project on the Yellow River. It is located on the mainstream of the Yellow River 16km downstream of the Xiaolangdi Dam site. When completed, it is the longest dam on the Yellow River. Mainly by anti-regulation, combined with power generation, taking into account the comprehensive utilization of water supply and irrigation, it can provide 583 million kilowatt-hours of power generation each year, increase the irrigation area of 1.138 million mu downstream, and supply 100 million cubic meters of water to nearby cities and towns. While turning the unstable water discharged from the Xiaolangdi Reservoir into a stable water flow to ensure the continuous flow of the Yellow River, it also fundamentally eliminates the adverse effects of the Xiaolangdi Hydropower Station’s peak shaving on the downstream rivers, which has great impact on the ecology, environmental protection, and industrial and agricultural production critical use.


Xixiayuan Dam, the longest dam on the Yellow River

This project is the installation of crane safety monitoring and management systems for the Xiaolangdi Water Conservancy Project and the Xixiayuan Anti-regulation Reservoir multiple bridge portal cranes, and the transformation of multiple sets of grab beams in Xiaolangdi and Xixiayuan.

At the same time, some key grab beams were installed with underwater visualization, underwater sealed boxes, plug sockets, and deep-water cable drums. The damaged parts were replaced, and the hidden safety hazards in the process of flooding the gate were eliminated, and the special equipment of the power station was safe Reliable operation


Weite technicians replace the cable reel of portal crane

The Xiaolangdi monitoring system project from the preliminary investigation after our company won the bid to the production to the on-site installation and commissioning. The leaders of our company attached great importance to the establishment of the Xiaolangdi Water Conservancy Project and the Xixiayuan Anti-regulation Reservoir Safety Monitoring System Project Team. Carry out active preparations and respond quickly.


Weite technicians assemble the underwater sealed box on site

At present, the Xiaolangdi dam crest 1#, 2# portal crane monitoring system and 8 sets of grab beam transformation have been completed, and other installation and debugging work is also being carried out in an orderly manner. This is the second in-depth cooperation between our company and Xiaolangdi Power Station. Our company is capable Obliged to build the project into a high-quality project, form a reliable cooperative customer partner with Xiaolangdi Hydropower Station, and provide customers with more valuable and reliable product solutions. At present, our company is sending additional personnel for on-site installation and commissioning. The person in charge of the project said Under the high standards of the owner, we will work in strict accordance with the requirements and have the confidence to complete the task on time and quality.


Debugging equipment in the cab of Weite Technologies staff

In particular, the members of the project department stated that the power station has always regarded Weite’s construction personnel as their own maintenance personnel, and has established a joint project working group. Both in life and during construction, they have given Weite’s construction personnel a great help. Let the construction staff of Weite feel the kindness and care. It is believed that as the mutual trust between the two parties further increases and the cooperation becomes more tacit, the project will be completed on time with high quality, creating favorable conditions for the operation of the power station units.

In order to ensure the safe operation of the Xiaolangdi Water Conservancy Project, Weite people will continue to work hard to complete the renovation work of the Xiaolangdi Water Control Project as soon as possible.

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